NVIDIA's new lab aims to develop robotic breakthroughs

NVIDIA has opened a new lab in Seattle, and it's meant to serve as home for all its robotics projects.

He explained that the lab will bring "together a collaborative, interdisciplinary team of experts in robot control and perception, computer vision, human-robot interaction and deep learning."

NVIDIA is hoping that the lab can give rise to the next-generation of robots that can work with humans in open-ended environments not designed specifically for them.

This "kitchen manipulator" relies on deep learning to detect and track specific objects based on its own simulation -- it doesn't need a map of the place beforehand and can quickly adapt to changes in its surroundings.

Due to the ever changing nature of a kitchen, Fox sees it as the ideal location for testing.

A robot that can deal with a dozen littered pans, spatulas and ingredients will likely be able to navigate other complex environments, after all.

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