Conor McGregor

Nevada commission cuts Conor McGregor some slack, but enough is enough

The former UFC champion will essentially miss zero time and the fine of $50,000 he was given for his part in a post-UFC 229 melee is not much more than chump change for a guy who made around $200 million over the last two years.

By a vote of 4-1, members of the Nevada Athletic Commission approved an agreement that his attorney, Michael Mersch, worked out with Nevada deputy attorney general Mike Detmer that suspended McGregor for six months and fined him $50,000 for trying to leap over the cage to join a brawl that began when Nurmagomedov went after his cornerman, Dillon Danis .

He went to a corner and stood calmly, with his hands on the ropes, waiting for the police, security officers and commission officials to gain control of the situation.

By trying to leap over the cage on Oct. 6 and join the fight that Nurmagomedov had begun by doing the same and going after Danis, McGregor took a bad situation and made it exponentially worse.

He’s edging ever too close to the line of wholly unacceptable behavior which, coupled with his ability to rile up a crowd, creates legitimate public safety concerns.

And he needs to consider carefully the consequences he may face if the scene erupts one day and innocent people who came to watch a fight or a news conference are injured.

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