Justice League 2 Plot Spoiled by Zack Snyder?

Recently, the design of Justice League t-shirt has been unveiled by Zack Snyder presented by him to the Suicide Prevention Charity’s Fundraising T-Shirt Campaign which is initiated by the fans.

Fan Eric M. Blake got inspiration from the design and outlined how it revealed the Justice League 2’s original story.

It was intended that Justice League 2 will be included in the story before the post-production work was dropped by the filmmaker on the first film after a family tragedy.

So a fan tried to explain that the t-shirt hints at how Batman would have decided to sacrifice his life for Lois Lane and her baby.

Zack Snyder responded to this post on Vero with a clapping hands emoji which indicates that the fan’s theory could be correct.

Snyder is definitely impressed by the idea, even if the Justice League 2 theory may not turn out to be correct.

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