Joanna Gaines Reveals How Her Weekend Plans Changed Since the Arrival of Baby Crew

Joanna Gaines and her family have a long list of traditions they live by, but according to the Magnolia founder and HGTV star, their Sunday ritual is by far her favorite.

The former Fixer Upper personality admits she loves the simplicity of her life and that includes spending the final day of the weekend at her Waco, Texas farmhouse with her and Chip’s five children, Drake, Ella, Duke, Emmie, and 6-month-old baby Crew .

These days, the Gaines family has been laying low and taking it easy after ending their HGTV series, Fixer Upper last fall.

Close friend of the family and co-worker on their reality show, Jimmy Don of JDH Iron Designs told Closer Weekly why the couple and their kids were steering clear of the limelight .

While fans have caught glimpses of Gaines and her family here and there, they will be back after it was announced they would be creating their own cable network in collaboration with Discovery Channel .

“The details surrounding this opportunity remain a work in progress, but together our hope is to build a different kind of platform for unique inspiring and family-friendly content.”

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