Jerry Jones has a super-duper new yacht that cost him $250 million

There, he’ll now be setting sail aboard his yacht — a superyacht, natch, that cost him almost as much than the Cowboys did, adjusting for inflation, back in the day.

The vessel, christened the Bravo Eugenia in honor of Jones’s wife, Gene, spans 109 meters in length (just a little longer than a football field) and set him back $250 million.

He could have found that just by looking beneath the cushions on his couch because the Cowboys, according to Forbes in 2018, are the most valuable sports franchise in the world, worth just under $5 billion.

Its builder claims it is the first to featured what it calls a LIFE (Lengthened, Innovative, Fuel Efficient, Eco Friendly) design.

In 2013, he spent roughly $2 million on The Elegant Lady, a bus that was kind of like AT&T Stadium on wheels, with opulent touches everywhere.

It featured three couches, nine TV screens, various concealed coolers, glass shelves for displaying tchotchkes and, of course, a star inlaid in the wooden floor.

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