Is McGee leaving NCIS in 2019? Will NCIS cast see more changes?

Pic credit: CBSNCIS writers threw a curveball at fans during the latest episode, suggesting that McGee could be leaving the NCIS cast in 2019.

Special Agent Timothy McGee is played by Sean Murray, who has been part of the NCIS cast for years.

Toward the end of the January 8 episode, called Toil and Trouble, McGee is confronted by a co-worker (in a friendly way) about special tech he has been sent for free.

As it stands, there has been no information even hinting at Sean Murray leaving the NCIS cast — so it seems McGee will likely be staying put in 2019, even though the current storyline might toy with the notion.

It’s always possible that Sean Murray decides that he has done all he can with the character of Special Agent Timothy McGee.

For now, though, there seems to be no suggestion of McGee leaving NCIS in 2019, even though a plot point during Season 16 of the show might indicate otherwise to some viewers.

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