I don't want to live in LG's vision of the future

It opens with Mark Young, jet-lagged after a long business trip, being irritated awake by his smart home's AI assistant.

Rather than gently waking him, the device plays music he doesn't enjoy, needles him awake and runs the robot vacuum under his bed.

So much, then, for being gently woken by pleasant tunes with the aid of a daylight simulation bulb to benefit our circadian rhythms.

Some romantic comedy hijinks ensue, where Mark thinks he's been stood up, nearly leaves, but winds up meeting his intended anyway, and it all ends well.

The robots go in hard and heavy, too, showing heart-eyes emojis in their face screens and even switching the lights out in nearby office buildings.

If an AI will shut down a whole neighborhood's lights to make a cute heart symbol for someone else, you have to wonder: what else is that selfish software jerk gonna do?

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