Grizzlies Explore New Depths Of Misery Via Excruciating Kyle Anderson Meltdown

The Memphis Grizzlies spent the late stages of their Monday night home game against the Nuggets barfing away what had been a 25-point lead.

Everything that happened immediately after Mike Conley hit Anderson on the short roll was real bad: Anderson passed up a clean jumper and then a clean floater; his hesitation drew two offensive rebound-seeking teammates into the paint, where they couldn’t hope to bail him out; he pump faked himself into worse trouble; he twisted and convulsed in the lane for about four seconds before shooting, which should’ve earned a whistle; he moved both feet, which should’ve been a travel; and of course he missed the dumpy leaner off the front of the rim.

What’s tragic is, if the refs had spotted either of those infractions and blown the whistle, the Grizzlies would’ve had the chance to foul and play the free throw game with at least 10 seconds on the clock.

By an incredibly cruel twist of fate, Marc Gasol’s slap-bound came immediately back to Anderson, at the top of the key.

All that can account for his subsequent failure to move in any direction is frozen terror—the best he could manage was a jab step at Jokic, and then another jumper.

His desperation fadeaway, arcing high over the backboard, improbably found its way to the bottom of net, very briefly causing the home fans to leap and scream with joy.

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