Fortnite is adding a scoped revolver and someone predicted it a year ago

The regular pistol has been a regular part of Fortnite Battle Royale but it has often been ignored by most players for it’s low damage and poor accuracy.

(Epic Games)The announcement of the newest addition lead to one fan saying: ‘ I actually thought this was a joke until I saw multiple posts about it, the meme is so real’.

Another player commented: ‘Wait for this thing to be vaulted next season once this sub complains about how bad it’ll be.’.

One Reddit user even predicted the scoped revolver in a post last year which only attracted 33 comments.

At the time of the post user commented ‘I didn’t want it until right now’ while another said that the standard revolver ‘needs an upgrade’.

Since then Epic Games has introduced a wide range of different weapons from improved assault rifles and shotgus, to thermal scopes, six shooters and compact guns.

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