China & India are Surpassing US' Economy By 2030

They expect India will surpass the United States within the same period, as the analysis forecasts that the South Asian country will move up to second place.

Standard Chartered measured both Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) exchange rates.

The forecast predicted that this share is likely to rise to 35% by 2030, meaning that the continent will be on par with the United States and Europe combined.

In addition, Brazil, the only country from Latin America, and Egypt, the only Middle Eastern entry, are expected to reach sixth and seventh positions respectively.

The forecast predicts that Russia will come in eighth, while Japan and Germany will take the last two spots.

If the study turns out to be correct, it would mean that countries such as Canada, France, and Great Britain will be pushed out of the top 10.

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