China's greatest natural resource may be its data

Kai-Fu Lee built his career working for the giants of Silicon Valley: Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

Lee says that the future for AI companies in China offers more promise than anywhere else, because of the simple fact that in a country of 1.4 billion, there's just more data than anywhere else.

Lee was educated in the U.S., first as a teenager in Tennessee, then at Columbia University, and later at Carnegie Mellon.

Lee points out that the American government can already access all the transactions in Visa or MasterCard for tax purposes.

Instead, Lee suggests that the course of history— following the long trajectory of where technology is taking us — will leave citizens living in a world that generally offers far less privacy than before.

"And all governments are going to want to get more data to understand the citizen behaviors, to protect them and to make sure they don't evade taxes, or do something that's criminal.

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