Chicago PD: [Spoiler] Learns About Ruzek and Upton's Relationship

Another member of the Intelligence unit was clued into Ruzek and Upton’s secret relationship during Wednesday’s Chicago P.D.

Although Burgess’ reaction is probably the more highly anticipated one, it’s Halstead who stumbles upon the truth while Ruzek and Upton are having a heated, emotional argument at work.

Upton is upset with Ruzek for covering for Antonio’s actions, thereby putting himself and his career in jeopardy, while Ruzek argues that Upton has always had a problem with ethics.

I care about you,” she counters back, right before Halstead walks in and announces that he could hear them in the stairwell.

Although Halstead sternly warns them that they “cannot be having this conversation here,” he’s more understanding when Upton later opens up about her surprise romance.

Halstead — who knows a thing or two about workplace relationships — replies, “I get it.

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