AT&T Reportedly Laying Off More Workers Prior To Merger Finalization [Updated]

AT&T is preparing to let go of an unspecified number of employees from no fewer than ten operation hubs in the lead-up to the closing of its merger with Time Warner, according to leaked internal documents .

Provided by an unnamed employee, the leak consisted of a memo sent out to the company's management staff by AT&T President of Technology & Operations, Jeff McElfresh.

A "source at AT&T" referred to the action as a reduction to its "surplus" of employees and plans for the layoffs are expected to be finalized by the end of the month.

While not necessarily related, that would imply that plans are intended to be finished just as the company is wrapping up its $85 billion merger deal with Time Warner.

Further benefits followed when the FCC, backed by AT&T and several other telecoms and technology companies, effectively dismantled net neutrality regulations in mid-2018.

Historically, negotiations between the two organizations haven't always gone smoothly, often resulting in worker strikes and AT&T being forced to offer more compensation and protections for its union associated employees.

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