At CES 2019, 2-in-1s fade as premium laptops fight the battle of the bezels

The rise of premium laptops and the neglect of 2-in-1s are undoubtedly related, and it all comes back to the bezels.

Asus, Acer, and Lenovo all showed laptops with bezels thinner than the XPS 13, though Dell responded with an innovative webcam that finally kills the dreaded nose-cam.

Laptop manufacturers don’t disclose the individual sales figures for models or even, in most cases, product categories.

Microsoft’s Surface line continues to burn bright, but it’s also sucking all the air from the room.

Lenovo told us it’s imagining Yoga as a premium consumer brand that sells all types of mobile PCs.

In any case, it seems significant that Lenovo, among the 2-in-1’s earliest adopters and strongest proponents, has decided to muddle the brand with traditional laptops.

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