Apple CEO Tim Cook Applies Three Persuasive Communication Techniques To Answer ...

These qualities have been on display as Cook has had to answer questions about Apple’s revenue shortfall in its iPhone business.

In Tuesday’s 20-minute interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer, Cook used three effective communication techniques to tell the Apple story, one that he says "isn't well understood."

The most important things in Apple are: one, a culture of innovation…Second, we have a very large active install base [of products]…Third, we have the highest customer satisfaction and loyalty in the industry.”

Clearly explaining the key parts of a complex business in under two minutes is an art that takes practice and discipline.

As you read this explanation, also pay attention the parallel structure of Cook’s sentences which adds to the impact of his words.

Cramer also asked Cook how he feels about analysts who are critical of Apple for its policy of not breaking down iPhone unit shipments per quarter.

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