Amazon now sending out free samples to users based on their buying habits

Amazon’s latest advertising push should surprise and delight consumers, if it doesn’t terrify them first.

Axios reported on Tuesday that the online retailer quietly kicked off a pilot program recently that lets brands pay to send free samples to Amazon users.

The users who receive the samples are picked based on what Amazon thinks they’d be likely to buy using what they’ve purchased in the past as a guide.

“Amazon helps you discover products you might love by sending you FREE samples from new and established brands,” reads the description of the pilot program on

It’s unclear when or if this program will expand, but as The Verge points out, Amazon posted a job listing last year for a senior-level employee to join the “Targeted Sampling” team.

The position appears to be directly related to the free samples, suggesting that this is a form of advertising the company will continue to pursue.

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