Philadelphia Eagles

After running over Cowboys, Rams need Jared Goff to pass them to NFC title

LA advanced to the NFC championship game by rushing for 273 yards but couldn't seal the 30-22 win over Dallas until Goff's 11-yard, third-down scramble late in the fourth quarter.

Whether he draws a rematch with the Eagles or the Saints in next Sunday's NFC championship game, Goff will need to be at his absolute best for the Rams to advance to Super Bowl 53.

The Eagles were horrible against the run in the middle of the season, but improved health and more sound tackling have restored them as a force.

The Rams' defense, by necessity, sold out to stop Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys' elite rushing attack, at the expense of nearly blowing a big lead with their limited pass coverage.

Rams coach Sean McVay, however, was smart to put the ball in Goff's hands with the game on the line.

Given how the game was going for the Rams in running vs. passing, staying grounded with Goff to convert a third-and-8 should serve as a boost of competitive confidence for the QB.

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