2020 Toyota Supra Debuts Today: See The Livestream Here

To say the Toyota Supra (A90) has been a long time coming would be the understatement of the year considering the sheer amount of teasing we had to endure.

Although we have to admit there’s not much of a secrecy regarding the BMW -powered Supra, we are still eager to see it live and discover whether the sporty coupe is worthy of the hype.

The lovely FT-1 concept from five years ago has turned out to be a window into the design of the fifth-generation model, although obviously toned down a bit as you’d expect from a road-going car.

While the Supra will launch at first as a coupe, Toyota is not ruling out the idea of introducing a convertible later in the model’s life cycle.

Speaking of which, the straight-six 3.0-liter unit of BMW origins is the same one you’ll find in the revamped Z4 roadster with which the Supra shares a lot of the hardware.

Check back at 2:40 PM GMT / 9:40 AM EST to see the 2020 Toyota Supra live from the Detroit Auto Show during a presentation that should last about 30 minutes.

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