YouTube Rewind hides its community's biggest moments to appease advertisers

It’s a presentation of what makes YouTube unique, specifically designed to market its creators to advertisers in the hopes of securing large deals.

It includes mainstream stars like Fortnite’ s Ninja, and some of YouTube’s most notable creators who have worked in traditional Hollywood — Casey Neistat, Lilly Singh, and Liza Koshy.

Ignoring the moments that YouTube’s community cares about and pays attention to, like a boxing match that brought in nearly 1 million live viewers, hides an enormous part of the platform’s cultural shift.

Videos that included anti-Semitic imagery led to Kjellberg losing his YouTube Red series, Scare PewDiePie , and his removal from Google’s top ad platform.

On a platform where a sense of authenticity and genuine dispositions are valued above anything else, having the company disregard YouTube’s actual culture never sits right with people.

It’s also increasingly apparent, however, that YouTube is trying to sell a culture that’s different from the one millions of people come to the platform for, and that’s getting harder for both creators and fans to swallow.

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