Cleveland Cavaliers

Why the Bucks acquired George Hill and what the trade means for the Cavs, Wizards

The Washington Wizards will also be involved in the deal and will acquire Sam Dekker from Cleveland in exchange for Jason Smith and a future second-round pick.

In addition to acquiring a solid veteran for a playoff run, Milwaukee cleared out some long-term salary obligations for both Dellavedova and Henson.

With some expensive deals already on the cap sheet for Giannis Antetokounmpo and Tony Snell , and Bledsoe, Brogdon and burgeoning star Khris Middleton hitting free agency this summer, the Bucks were facing some difficult decisions around the luxury tax.

When Cleveland fired coach Ty Lue early this season to push forward with a youth movement, this was always the endgame.

Given that Washington is reportedly considering trades for high-priced players such as John Wall, Bradley Beal and Otto Porter Jr., it’s likely that they would take back less salary in any deal.

Trading a second-round pick to lessen tax payments by a considerable margin is good work, especially when you consider neither Smith nor Dekker is likely to make much of an on-court impact this season.

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