Why are all of Spotify's most-streamed artists men?

“Nice for What” instead of “In My Feelings.” An honorable mention for Juice WRLD, part of the primarily American burgeoning genre of rap music infused with the regurgitated influences of early-aughts emo, in particular its throughline of misogyny.

XXXTentacion and Post Malone are both success stories born from SoundCloud and then Rap Caviar placement; J Balvin has been wildly popular in Colombia for years but made his global pop chart crossover on “I Like It,” alongside the internet’s Cinderella , Cardi B.

So perhaps what’s most alarming about this year’s top artists is that it shows the algorithm, while of course always accountable to the one-man mega-corporation that is Drake and the anthropomorphized Hallmark card that is Ed Sheeran, is also capable of bending to accommodate new voices — but only a certain kind.

“SAD!” has been streamed nearly 1 billion times, which means I have to actively fight to not hear it, taking care never to let a rap playlist or similar artist’s album hit the end and draw on the algorithm to pull my next track for me.

The press release for the project included other interesting information as well, like, “If you’d like to toast to the phenomenal women in your life, mix up the Original Moscow Mule, which was invented by Smirnoff in 1941.

It launched a different project , also called “Equalizer,” in partnership with Swedish pop kingpin Max Martin in summer 2017, centered on networking dinners and seminars about women in the music business.

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