Who plays Matty's husband on MacGyver cast? Brendan Hines guest stars in fall ...

Pic credit: AP/YouTubeSeason 3 Episode 10 of MacGyver is advertised as an emotional one, with Matty (played by Meredith Eaton) opening up about a secret from her past.

It turns out that her husband, Ethan Reigns, has been working undercover for the last eight years as a CIA agent.

It is a big twist to the plot of the show, setting up a lot of drama for the MacGyver fall finale.

Hines has appeared as a recurring character on a lot of shows, including Scandal, Secrets and Lies, the live-action Tick, and Scorpion.

If the character of Ethan Reigns is able to survive, maybe he will end up working with Matty and the rest of the team during winter and spring 2019 episodes.

As this new episode is the MacGyver fall finale, fans don’t want to miss what could possibly be a very emotional cliffhanger for the cast.

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