WATCH: John Cena comments on early reaction to “Bumblebee” movie

WWE star John Cena recently walked the red carpet for a special fan screening in London of his new “Bumblebee” film.

During the event, Cena spoke to “The Up Coming” to talk about the film’s reception:

“Being around an element that created this new universe of such a storied franchise, I think everyone involved in this installment of Transformers knew that it was going to be a fresh, new take on this.

“Now that audiences are starting to see this movie [the reaction is] ‘wow, this is actually really awesome!’ So to see all of that hard work, and everyone’s investment come to life in something that audiences really enjoy; it’s very fun.”

Cena plays a character named “Burns” who is an agent for Sector 7.

He’ll make several appearances during WWE’s Holiday Tour, as he hasn’t appeared since his match at the WWE Super Show-Down in Australia this past October.

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