International Space Station

Video Friday: Space Station's New Robot Helper, and More

Developed and built by Airbus in Friedrichshafen and Bremen, Germany, on behalf of German Space Agency DLR, Cimon uses artificial intelligence software by IBM Watson.

I’m like 95 percent sure that CIMON says “be nice please” because it hears Gerst say “deck” several times (starting at 5:00 in the video) with a slight accent and mistakes it for a bad word.

This wire bending technique from Disney Research is pretty ingenious, and should prove quite useful for building compliant animated robotic characters.

Our technique takes as input a network of curves or a skeletal animation, then estimates a cable-driven, compliant wire structure which matches user-selected targets or keyframes as closely as possible.

We demonstrate our method on six fabricated examples, showcasing rich behavior including large deformations and complex, spatial motion.

ANYmal, a quadrupedal robot developed by RSL (ETH Zurich) and ANYbotics, is deployed in real-world environments showing its locomotion capabilities in different type of rough terrains.

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