The Colts squandered one of the best defensive efforts of the NFL season

The Colts defense, due in no small part to Autry’s outstanding efforts, had been able to shut down the Jaguars offense, holding them to just six points for the game.

That double team ended up morphing into a scoop block with Cann going up on a linebacker on the second level and Parnell cutting Autry off from getting inside.

Not only did the Colts offense not take advantage of the field position, three plays later Luck threw a pick right into triple coverage and gave the ball right back to the Jaguars.

Once again Autry had made a big play that should have set up his Colts offense with good field position and another great opportunity to put some points on the board.

The Colts started the next drive already on the Jaguars’ 40-yard line, but unfortunately for Autry and the rest of the team, this was just this was another prime scoring opportunity they ended up squandering by going four-and-out and and turning over the ball on downs.

This time the Colts defense was lined up in a funky formation up front to try to confuse the Jaguars and give the impression they were coming with a blitz.

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