Rocket Launch Delayed: Sky Light Show Rescheduled For Saturday

LOS ANGELES, CA — Southlanders hoping to catch a glimpse of a satellite launching from Vandenberg Air Force Base Friday will have to wait one more day thanks to a last minute delay.

Southlanders could be in store for another spectacular light show in the night sky above Southern California .

Against a backdrop of storm clouds, the lights from the rocket launch carrying a reconnaissance satellite are likely to dazzle.

The launch, a Delta IV Heavy rocket, will be carrying a secretive satellite for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office.

"As the nation's premiere launch provider, the teams have worked diligently to ensure continued mission success, delivering our customer's payloads to the precise orbits requested."

The Delta IV Heavy rocket will include three Rocketdyne liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen engine that can produce a combined 2.1 million pounds of thrust, the company announced.

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