NFL fans ripped Jalen Ramsey apart after his egregious flop during blowout ...

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey likes to talk a lot of smack.

Ramsey made that apparent in August, when he ripped pretty much every quarterback in football .

Given how poorly the Jaguars have played since that interview, Ramsey would probably like to have a few of those words back.

During the Jaguars’ blowout loss to the Tennessee Titans on “Thursday Night Football,” Ramsey tried to get away with an egregious flop that just so happened to be captured on the broadcast.

Titans running back Derrick Henry ran all over Ramsey and the Jags defense , going for 238 yards and four touchdowns.

Given how poorly things have gone for the Jaguars this season, Ramsey may want to be more cautious about what he says during interviews during the upcoming offseason.

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