Mowgli: Legend Of The Jungle Review – Dark, Gritty And Wholly Unnecessary

While Mowgli gives a valiant effort in providing a different interpretation, it ultimately fails to add anything meaningful into the mix.

As an acclaimed motion capture actor, Andy Serkis brings a surprising amount of baggage to his intended directorial debut.

While the actor is largely known for his insane physical transformations, playing a role like this allows Bale to reach a level or vulnerability that we haven’t seen in the past.

While longer doesn’t necessarily mean better, Mowgli carries the stench of a movie that was cut down significantly from its original version.

This isn’t a plot hole, but rather an assumption made on the part of the filmmakers that the audience wouldn’t question talking animals in their “ultra-realistic movie”.

This ultimately leaves the lingering feeling that – while entertaining on a surface level – Mowgli is the movie that no one needed or really even wanted for that matter.

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