Mid-engined Corvette 'insider' claims to have full C8 story

The user (who goes by the curious name of unlimitedPower ) also kicks off the post with a disclaimer that any questions won’t be answered, for fear of “jeopardising my business’s success.” In other words this could be a hot scoop, or a complete work of fan fiction.

It claims the forthcoming C8 Corvette will be called the Manta Ray, and it will launch next year as a base model making 520 horsepower from a modified version of the current LT1 V8.

Following that will be two models for 2021 that will “revolutionise the Corvette lineup,” the first being a luxurious edition called the Grand Tour that will apparently focus on quiet and comfortable accommodations.

In this section of the post, unlimitedPower’s tone is a bit more flamboyant, claiming the car is “frighteningly powerful” and that it dominates supercars from Germany and Italy.

Other notable tidbits include a dual-clutch transmission as the sole option for shifting gears, and a completely new dealership program for selling the supercar.

Also, the article claims buyers don’t like numerical names like Z06 and ZR1, which is why Chevrolet will allegedly call the follow-up models GT and Grand Sport .

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