Boston Celtics

Knicks takeaways from 128-100 loss to Celtics

The Celtics, off to a surprisingly mediocre start as the Eastern Conference favorites, have won four of the five games since, including the last three -- and may have also gotten the real Gordon Hayward back as they head into Thursday night's rematch with the Knicks at TD Garden.

For a team that hasn't looked all that tough this season, the New York Knicks could present a much stiffer chin when the Washington Wizards come to town on Monday night than they did before Saturday's overtime thriller over Eastern Conference heavyweight Milwaukee.

His improving efficiency and playmaking makes his contract look more and more reasonable, and with a potential regression and monster free agency looming, the Knicks could be inclined to listen to offers for their stud shooting guard.

That was the lede in a story published Thursday by Berman, and given the scouts and other NBA personnel he spoke with, it's not exactly an unfair characterization of what is in front of two players the Knicks have invested a good deal of effort in bringing along.

For Knicks fans hoping to see Duke's freshman phenom Zion Williamson in blue and orange next season, hold your breath: ESPN's latest mock draft thinks he's going to be the first name called.

The free agent center, who was released by the Knicks prior to the start of the season, is expected to meet with the Memphis Grizzlies late next week and come to terms on a deal, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

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