PlayStation 4

Jak and Daxter Games Getting Limited Physical PS4 Release

It appears that the PlayStation 4 physical releases will contain the PS2 Classic versions of the games, which are currently available for download on the PS4.

Included in the Collector's Edition is a decorative metal Precursor Orb, a PS2 memory card-shaped USB drive, a trading card pack, an exclusive poster, and a CD soundtrack.

Additionally, never-before-released documents of the series' history will also be included in each game's Collector's Edition.

"These binders dive into the world and characters in a depth fans have never seen before and offer a glimpse into how the games were formed."

Fairhurst was careful to note that this in no way means Jak 4 is being resurrected and being given a proper release.

Included in each case will be a code for redeeming an exclusive PlayStation 4 system theme modeled after Naughty Dog's original concept art for Jak 4 from the late 2000s.

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