Don't label Johnny Walker: Arizona State standout's unique style grows college ...

Not only did Walker give his Arizona State Sun Devils an upset victory over the Nittany Lions, but he offered up his submission for best goal celebration of the year.

Arizona State is the only Pac-12 school with a Division I team, a geographic polar compared to college hockey hotbeds like Massachusetts and Minnesota, but Walker's on-ice flair is helping to elevate the program on the national stage.

That formula has proven especially successful this season for Walker, who holds a share of the NCAA goals lead and has been consistently among the nation's top scorers.

The entire premise of the sport revolves around ice, yet Phoenix is the warmest major U.S. city on average and sees snow once in a blue moon.

ASU has a recruiting weapon at its disposal that is seldom found at other schools with Division I team: the very sunny, warm-weather climate that makes it an outlier in college hockey.

Arizona’s stock has been rising in the sport, and Walker seems to be the next big face in the state’s hockey scene, following the lead of Scottsdale native and two-time NHL All-Star Auston Matthews, the first selection in the 2016 draft.

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