Derrick Henry's 99-Yard Touchdown Ties an NFL Record

The supersized running back for the Tennessee Titans bulldozed his way past a team that prides itself on defense in one of the most audacious rushing displays in N.F.L.

There were plenty of memorable moments in the game for Henry, but none topped the play midway through the second quarter in which he fought his way through several tackle attempts to match Tony Dorsett of the Dallas Cowboys for the longest touchdown run in N.F.L.

Henry, whose longest run of the season coming into the game was just 16 yards, broke left through the line and was met by the Pro Bowl cornerback A.J.

Repeatedly asked by reporters to sum up his feelings on his big day, Henry chose instead to talk of the stellar game-plan and execution by his team’s offensive line.

The Titans, who before moving to Tennessee played as the Houston Oilers, are a franchise with a proud history of great running backs, including Earl Campbell, Eddie George and Chris Johnson.

As they ran side-by-side, Henry showed remarkable awareness of Leon Jacobs’ pursuit, turning sideways so he could toss the linebacker to the ground.

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