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'Warframe' Chat Moderation Causing Community Uproar

Some players feel that these moderators abuse their power and implement bans based on personal choice rather than the Warframe terms and conditions.

Spamming, talking about topics outside of Warframe, leaking information not publicly available or saying words flagged by DE mods will either get your message deleted or your account banned by a chat bot, depending on the severity of the situation.

When the Fortuna update launched on PC, thousands of players flooded the game and caused dozens of numbered servers to pop up to handle the demand.

When people are involved, the process can get infinitely more complicated and requires a level of support that, up until now, we have not been implementing in an effective way.” Internal discussions are currently going on DE to “improve moderation.”

This didn’t put out the internet fire, as a few days later Digital Extremes appointed long time member of the community DE-Bear to a moderator position.

Digital Extremes wants to foster a place where people from all walks of life can feel welcome to murder thousands of NPC robots.

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