Arizona Diamondbacks

Cardinals get Goldschmidt, Diamondbacks get value in win-win trade

But to return to my point, the Cardinals seem to have a reputation among Cards fans for needing to win trades.

That their need to win trades has been detrimental to acquiring genuine upgrades, such as Christian Yelich or Chris Archer .

With Alex Reyes figuring in there somewhere beyond the starting five, he likely wouldn’t even be the first man to replace an injured starter.

Depending on how he starts his season, Ryan Helsley might even be higher on the depth chart than Weaver by the time another member is needed.

Kolten Wong and Paul DeJong are blocking him for the next few years, not that he could play SS, it’s just another obstacle.

The Cardinals win because they unloaded players who would simply not be used the way they need to be in order to be valuable.

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