Avengers 4: Is Shuri Dead or Alive in Marvel's Endgame?

By Laura Prudom Perhaps even more important, if you're a fan of a certain snarky tech genius from Wakanda, is the lingering mystery of whether Shuri survived the snap (or " the Decimation ," as it's apparently being called within the MCU).

That's not a definitive yes or a no (which makes us think it's a yes , given that the Russos haven't been shy about revealing Thanos' casualties), but the directors apparently want to keep us guessing a little longer, judging by the one glimpse of Shuri we do get in the Avengers: Endgame trailer ...

While the Avengers saw a number of their allies disintegrate right in front of them at the end of Infinity War (RIP, Bucky), this shot of Bruce Banner from the trailer features three characters whose status is merely classified as "missing" - Shuri, Scott Lang, and Peter Parker.

This is pretty typical Marvel trolling, since we watched Peter die in Tony's arms, confirming that - unbeknownst to the Avengers left on Earth, at least - he's definitely dead, while the trailer seems to confirm that Scott is still alive despite his trip to the Quantum Realm, since he's right there banging on Cap's door in the final moments.

As you’ll remember from Infinity War, Bruce Banner wasn’t able to come up with a way to save Vision but Shuri found the problem a cinch to solve.

Either way, with T'Challa out of commission and Tony (at least momentarily) stranded in space, Shuri could be pivotal in terms of both rallying Wakanda and helping Bruce come up with the tech that could undo Thanos' snap, not to mention her familiarity with fixing Vision, so it seems unlikely the Russos would take her off the board along with Black Panther.

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