The best way to feel like a New Yorker is to run the New York City Marathon

During that time, terrorists took down two towers, Hurricane Sandy leveled entire parts of the city, and the US went to war twice.

They fought in lines to give blood, hustled to volunteer, and strained to help survivors.Their hardness transformed to an efficacious and steely determination to help.

It happens amidst skyscrapers and densely packed streets, in neighborhoods where millions of people live literally on top of each other, but often interact very little.

Runners traverse the five boroughs, starting in Staten Island and weaving through Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and then Manhattan.

As you descend onto First Avenue from the 59th Street Bridge, the din of cheering makes you feel, for a fleeting moment, like Beyoncé.

Wear the tinfoil-like cape you get at the finish line to keep you warm, and total strangers on the subway home will hoot and holler.

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