Elon Musk

Spaceman, Tesla Roadster in space on path for 'restaurant at end of universe'

SpaceX says that Starman, the mannequin spaceman in the driver's seat of a Tesla Roadster that Elon Musk launched into space, is officially on its way to "the restaurant at the end of the universe."

As seen in the photo below, the Tesla Roadster launched by SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket back in February is now outside of Mars' orbit.

A study found in Cornell University's library claims that the Roadster won't have another close encounter with Earth until about 2091, and could survive millions of years in space.

If the electric car does re-enter Earth's atmosphere, it is expected to burn up completely and leave nothing but small chunks falling to the ground.

Alina Alexeenko, professor of aeronautics and astronautics at the university, said that the electric car "could be considered a biothreat, or a backup copy of life on Earth."

"It's a very small object so I'm not sure how easy it will be to observe it over a year or so -- I think it will be very faint," researcher Dr. Hanno Rein previously told BBC .

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