'Rainbow Six Siege' In Censorship Row As "Aesthetic Changes" Are Made To Fit ...

Rainbow Six Siege is currently at the center of a controversy surrounding censorship after Ubisoft unveiled “aesthetic changes” to the game that remove many references to death, sex and gambling.

In its latest blog post , Ubisoft outlines graphical changes coming to Year Three, Season Four as part of a “single, global version” of the game.

It is claimed that these changes will prevent the game from requiring multiple versions for various countries’ regulations, allowing for updates to be developed for a single build.

China is known for its restrictive censorship laws, angering international players who feel the game should not be changed for all due to the regulations of a single market.

One of the biggest criticisms is that the removal of slot machines from the Club map is inconsistent with the game’s own Alpha Packs loot box system, which is often considered being like gambling thanks to its combination of real-money purchases and randomised rewards.

While it is unlikely Ubisoft will be willing to completely reverse the decision, the scale of the changes – and what they are replaced by – may be part of a conversation that will dominate the Siege community for a very long time.

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