Satanists Sue Netflix, Warner Bros. For $150M, Saying 'Sabrina' Copied Their ...

Hannah Grabenstein/AP Just months after a statue of Baphomet grabbed national headlines while briefly appearing outside the Arkansas State Capitol, the winged, goat-headed creature has stepped back into the spotlight — this time, taking its starring turn in the courts.

The Satanic Temple has sued Netflix and Warner Bros. in a New York federal court, alleging that the media giants lifted and misused its distinctive icon.

The organization filed a complaint Thursday saying its copyrighted statue design, known as Baphomet with Children, appeared without its permission in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina , a new streaming series released on Netflix last month.

Both feature a young boy and girl gazing admiringly at the seated deity, which has two fingers raised to the sky as it stares straight ahead.

Back in August, the Satanic Temple made a national splash with its protest of a Ten Commandments monument that had been installed on Arkansas State Capitol grounds earlier in the year .

Now, the Satanic Temple is girding for a new fight, saying the series has twisted its publicly espoused tenets — which it says call for "compassion and empathy," the "struggle for justice" and conforming beliefs to "one's best scientific understanding of the world," among other principles.

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