Rocksteady Superman: World's Finest Pops Up On Game System Requirements

Rocksteady 's next game has been rumored for quite a long while now, with the latest being Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015.

So, the times look definitely mature for a brand new title, and there's been quite a long tail of rumors involving it and what it could actually be.

A new rumor has indeed spread across the Internet with a website called Game System Requirements reporting the existence of Superman: World's Finest .

We don't know where it has found and reported from this brand new game which we've never been informed about, but there's a chance the website is linked to Steam's database.

Guys over at ResetEra claim that in the past the website has shared the first details about Devil May Cry V a month ahead of its official announcement.

So this could actually lead to a proper reveal of the game in a matter of a few days, and The Game Awards 2018 surely look like a good opportunity for a first showcase.

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