Retailers scramble for toy sales without Toys 'R' Us

We can be a haven for guests and also for you as great partners in this changing time,’ ” said Target’s chief merchandising officer, Mark Tritton.

In early summer, the retailer called for a second summit with toymakers and moved “with a high level of speed and agility,” Tritton said, to make toys a larger and permanent focal point for the holiday season and beyond.

“Given the strong affinity between families with young children and our brand, toys and baby will once again be key categories for us,” Target CEO Brian Cornell said.

This year it hosted play dates at more than 2,000 stores in September and October, hoping kids would get an early start on their holiday wish lists.

Best Buy said these more traditional toys as well as consumer electronics such as PlayStations, video games, electric scooters and drones fall in lockstep with entertainment, which the retailer considers a “core need.”

“They may be coming to the stores to buy a TV, tablet or phone charger, why not also let them grab a Barbie or Lego set?”

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