International Space Station

NASA and the ESA release first 8K video from space

Some of the experiments included in the video are the BEST investigation , which uses DNA sequencing to identify microbes in the space station; an experiment that compares plants grown in space to those grown on Earth; and the BCAT-CS study , which investigates the dynamic forces that exist between sediment particles.

"We're excited to embrace new technology that improves our ability to engage our audiences in space station research," David Brady said in a statement .

"Each improvement in imagery fidelity brings that person on Earth closer to the in-space experience, allowing them to see what human spaceflight is doing to improve their life, as well as enable humanity to explore the universe."

NASA has released some pretty amazing 4K videos in the past, including one that shows what happens when you combine water droplets, food coloring and antacid a microgravity environment.

Of course, most people won't be able to watch the 8K video in all of its glory since there just aren't many displays available yet that can resolve 8K .

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