Looking to compare iPad models? Here's how the 2018 lineup stacks up

If an iPad Pro is on your horizon, that means you won’t miss out on ultra-smooth scrolling with whichever version you select.

Apple describes it as offering “25% greater color saturation than the sRGB displays on previous iPads”.

The original Apple Pencil was charged by removing its cap and plugging the entire body into the iPad’s Lightning port, meaning one wrong move and you’ve got a Lightning plug stuck in your iPad port with a broken Apple Pencil.

If shooting photos is of top concern for you, the $329 iPad won’t cut it — it simply lacks too many critical features.

As for why Apple removed OIS on the new iPad Pros, it’s likely that the new 5.9mm thin frame simply couldn’t support the hardware.

Also note that this is before you factor in the cost of the “essential” accessories, such as the new $129 Apple Pencil, or the $199 Smart Keyboard Folio for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

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