Honestly, the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bras All Seem Very Uncomfortable

Tonight is the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and though us plebes won’t be able to watch it until it airs on December 2, the powers that be have granted us a peek at this year’s main event: the Fantasy Bra .

Here’s model Elsa Hosk writhing in this year’s Fantasy Bra — a cropped bodice and body chain made of 2,100 Swarovski Created Diamonds, and set in sterling silver that reportedly took 930 hours to make.

She looks like a teenager whose boobs jumped a cup size over the summer but she still tries to squish them into her eighth grade bra.

Lima’s boobs look like they are trying desperately to stage an escape from their jewel prison so they can go start a new life in the country; somewhere they can enjoy the peace and quiet, and finally, blissfully experience the force of gravity.

The cold, heavy weight of anxiety and loneliness that crushes your chest at night, but make it a bra.

As Lily bends down to pick up her phone, the jagged spikes of her bra’s firework’s dig into the soft flesh of her chest.

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