Foreign Cinema's Dungeness Crab, Fromage Blanc and Potato Frittata

Northbound I-880 lanes reopen after girders fall on roadway in Oakland Gayle Pirie and John Clark’s Foreign Cinema restaurant is known for many things, from its eclectic menu to the alfresco film screenings in the courtyard of the San Francisco Mission district restaurant — and its incredible brunch fare.

This frittata, which appears in the new “Foreign Cinema Cookbook” (Abrams Books, 2018), celebrates one of California’s gastronomic treasures, fresh Dungeness crab.

Foreign Cinema’s Dungeness Crab, Fromage Blanc and Potato Frittata 1 tablespoon unsalted butter or olive oil

With the blender motor running, add the remaining ¾ cup oil in a slow, steady stream through the pour spout, continueing to blend until the sauce is smooth, about 1 minute longer, scraping down the bowl if needed.

Fresh seafood -- roasted salmon, Dungeness crab or shrimp -- turn a Grand Aioli platter into a feast.

Now San Francisco's waterfront restaurant, Blue Mermaid, is sharing the secret to its crab and corn chowder recipe.

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