"Mac Finds His Pride" in a stunning, game-changing It's Always Sunny In ...

Luther says the same, even without knowing about the gay thing, telling his own son offhandedly, “I never really got you.” Frank, giving it a shot in the drag club where Mac explains his inner struggle in terms of a vision of a dance in the midst of a raging storm with a hot chick who’s actually god, can only assess, “The Catholics really fucked you up.” And they did, Mac’s lifelong need for love and acceptance from literally anyone in his life turning him into a comically twisted zealot, unaware that he’s protesting way, way too much in his quest to curry favor with a god (and a father) he’s been taught thinks little of him, if they think about him at all.

Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, David Hornsby, Danny DeVitoPhoto: Patrick McElhenney/FXXThe whole episode (up until minute 16) is like that—a series of tired in-jokes, asides, and rehashed bits that make “Mac Finds His Pride” feel like its suffering from the sort of imposter syndrome that beset the last twoepisodes .

Fellow critic Emily L. Stephens opined that it’s like Sunny was pulling a Louie (minus, you know), which feels closer in terms of redefining a supposed sitcom’s expected shape.

Photo: Patrick McElhenney/FXXThe joke of Rob McElhenney’s newly ripped body pays off here, revealed to be not just another “it would be funny” transformation like season six’s, but the need to be the full physical expression of the sculpted, ideal, but tortured figure Mac wanted to portray.

There’s only a blinding light from above in Mac’s interpretation of divine blessing, the applause from a cavernous room full of brutal men (although not the departed Luthor), and Frank’s worshipful benediction to end the episode, and the season.

There’s a moment when—after splitting apart and slithering through the water to opposite ends of the stage—Kylie Shea hurls herself cross-body at the standing, unmoving Mac, uttering a single, anguished sounding sob at the impact as she wraps herself around him that stopped my breath every time.

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