Farrah Abraham Receives New Legal Threat: What Did She Do Now?!?

The often-mocked, occasional amateur porn star had been scheduled to take part in a celebrity boxing match against Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander this upcoming Saturday night in Atlantic City.

In an interview with TMZ, Abraham said that the organizers of the match were in "breach" of a contract that stipulated they would cover these expenses -- and she also referred to them as "awful" people.

An attorney representing promoter Damon Feldman has sent a cease and desist letter to Farrah, threatening to sue her if she keeps trash talking him and the event, which is still scheduled for November 10.

In the letter, which has been obtained by TMZ , the lawyer claims that Feldman kept his end of the deal, having paid Farrah's fees up front and provided training and equipment.

"We wish them lots of luck trying to enforce our rights and ability to speak freely about the absurd way they handled their amateur business over the course of this deal."

"Bottom line, they have no money, they have no pay-per-view deal, they aren't selling tickets and couldn't even afford proper travel, accommodations or security for my clients, hence that's why they are in breach and she isn't fighting.

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