Entire Baylor, Iowa State teams penalized after third-quarter brawl, Baylor QB ...

With Iowa State on offense and leading 17-0, Cyclones wideout Hakeem Butler went after Baylor’s Blake Lynch while blocking on a running play.

In the middle of the chaos, Iowa State running back David Montgomery went after Baylor’s Greg Roberts and pulled him out of the scrum.

While Roberts and Montgomery were the only two players ejected (Butler probably dodged a bullet for sparking the whole thing), both teams were assessed unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

After a fourth-quarter run, Brewer was upset that an Iowa State defender was not penalized for hitting him as he slid to give himself up.

Iowa State went on to win 28-14 to improve to 6-3 (5-2 Big 12) and clinch bowl eligibility.

Baylor has two games left — TCU and Texas Tech — to reach a bowl.

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