Defy Media, home of YouTube superstars Smosh, is shutting down

Smosh , Smosh Games , and Clevver are some of YouTube’s most popular channels, but their teams are looking for a new studio in the wake of news that their parent company, Defy Media, is closing its doors.

“Regretfully, Defy Media has ceased operations today,” the company said in a statement on Tuesday evening.

We deeply regret the impact that this has had on them today… Unfortunately, market conditions got in the way of us completing our mission.”

“Smosh has been enjoying record numbers lately, and this closure won’t stop us,” Hecox wrote.

Making awesome videos for you guys is our number one priority, and we’re hoping to have some exciting news to share with you soon.”

The company, which was founded in 2008 as Break Media and acquired in 2011 by Alloy Digital, had more than 400 people working under its umbrella at one point.

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